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bowl handle, c. 1840, Peoria Riverfront

Knife River Flint projectile point, found at Grand DeTour, Ogle Co., Lee Co. Hist. Soc.

projectile point, sockeye chert from the Rocky Mts, found near Tiskilwa, Bureau Co.


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Note: The Old Indian Boundary Line marked the northern limit of the Military Tract (a tract set aside for veterans of the War of 1812), and was the boundary between American and Indian lands prior to the settlement of the 1832 Black Hawk War. The line was established in accordance with the 1816 Treaty with the Ottawas, Chippewas and Pottawatomies and was surveyed in 1819. It extended from the south end of Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River at the mouth of the Rock River. (Matson, N., Maps and Sketches of Bureau County, Chicago, 1867, Second Edition, pg. 65.)

Commentary and notes by Patricia L. Goitein, Editor, Galena Trail Newsletter


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