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archaic spearhead, heat treated glacial chert, Northampton, Peoria County

True arrow heads, 700-900 AD, Northampton, Peoria County


Buffalo Grove, Ogle County to
Cherry Grove, Carroll County


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Note: Mr. Poole’s maps show that travelers following Kellogg’s Trail in 1826 would have traveled north through Buffalo Township, bypassing Buffalo Grove, and proceeded northwest to the mines in the Michigan Territory (present day Wisconsin).

The 1830 Trail alignment lies to the west of Kellogg’s 1825 Trail. In 1831, Isaac Chambers opened his Tavern along the new 1830 alignment. According to Poole, a connector linked Chamber’s Tavern to the 1826 Kellogg Trail alignment, the later of which remained open to travelers going directly to the mines and bypassing Galena.

Commentary and notes by Patricia L. Goitein, Editor, Galena Trail Newsletter


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