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Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Peoria County Court House Square,
c. 1925  

Monument honoring the first Peoria County Commissioners & county officials:  Nathan Dillon, Wm. Holland, Joseph Smith, Wm. E. Phillips, Norman Hyde, John Dixon, and Samuel Fulton. Dedicated June 12, 1935.  Sponsored by Percival Rennick, Wm Vicary (above at right), and others.  

setting the monument, April 18, 1935   

 Photos Courtesy of Peoria Public Library


Percival Rennick's
Galena Trail & Coach Road, 1935

The Galena Trail hugged the Illinois River north of Peoria,
and passed Al-Fresco Park.

The Peoria and Galena Trail and Coach Road and the Peoria Neighborhood, by Percival Graham Rennick, Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, January, 1935, Vol. XXVII, No. 4. This article is an interesting and informative history of the Trail as well as a Trail guide for travelers who wish to trace or follow the old routes. Written in 1935, it is also a stunning reminder of just how much our society and landscapes have changed in the last 70 years. (This article and its illustrations have been reproduced with the permission of the Illinois State Historical Society, Springfield, IL.)

Rennick’s Maps, 1935

Plat of the Old French Village of Peoria

Map of Ville de Maillet

Map of Wm S. Hamilton Survey of Peoria, 1825 & 1826
And the Charles Ballance Resurvey, 1831 & 1834

Peoria and Galena Rd. from the old village
to the Peoria and Bureau Valley right of Way

The Trail and Coach Road from Grand View Pavilion to Northampton

The Galena Trail and Coach Roads through the Hallock Hills

The Trail and Coach Road from Peoria County Line to Dixon

The Trail and Coach Road from Dixon to Galena


(Al-Fresco Park Postcard reproduced courtesy of the Peoria Public Library)



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